Monday, July 10, 2006
Sin City: Las Vegas, Nevada
This morning, I drove down from Zion to Vegas in the truck as Fred is still concerned about the brakes, so am I. We'll both feel better when we get them checked out which means we'll be here 'til Monday afternoon at least. Some people wouldn't think Vegas is a bad place to be stuck. It was a beautiful drive, down watching the country go from mountains, to badlands, to desert. The colors changed from terra cotta to desert dun and the plants got yellower and shorter and sparser. The sky is huge and blue with a few wispy white clouds. The trip was uneventful and we arrived at Nellis AFB at about 12:30. It is hot as the hinges of hell, and we had trouble getting the AC going. We are sweaty and grumpy. Fred has gone to the clubhouse or what ever they call it to watch TV (our reception is bad) and cool off. I stayed in the RV to sweat in quiet. (They are sure to have sports on) and have a peaceful V&T with the dog and fish. Later, we will wash clothes and make nice. I finished listening to my truck-stop CD on the drive down. It's about Rahab, the harlot of Jericho, and was very pleasant. Fred just doesn't tolerate stories well. I'm psyched about the adventure tools I got Ryan and Daniel; I guess the truth is I wouldn't mind having one my own self. I'm going to mail all the gifts, through Mike 2, while we're here. It has really been worrying thinking I might forget someone. I am truly enjoying this trip, tho some days I like the RV less than others. And, I'm sorry Fred has all the mechanical responsibilities. Sometimes, I make suggestions that make his eyes cross. I wonder if we even speak the same language. It's cooler now and I'm on my second drink. Better go sort the laundry.
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