Monday, July 10, 2006

Sequoia National Park/King's Canyon
It's Flag day and another fine cool morning. We were off early to Sequoia and King's Canyon National parks. Really beautiful. We drove for miles through the forest and down to the bottom of the canyon and up the rock walls. More majestic trees, one 40 ft in diameter. Many are nearly 300 ft tall and some 2,000 years old. A river runs at the bottom of the canyon and tributaries splash and tumble over the rocks into it. We saw lots of wild flowers, most I couldn't ID. I did take some pictures and maybe I'll be able to find out their names or maybe I'll draw them. I did not see any cedar trees or if I did, I did not recognize them. I was disappointed. I do love the trees that I think are Douglas Firs. They are lovely like splashes of light in the shady glades. Mountain meadows make me poetic, they are so beautiful. We saw only two deer today. But we did meet some Golden Mantled Ground Squirrels who are cute and cheeky and love Cheetos (forbidden fruit). We also saw a Dark-eyed Junco and a White-headed Woodpecker. I have to read about them in the Golden book. We ate sandwiches on the patio at the visitor's center in Sequoia and shared chips and crusts with the squirrels and jays, strictly against the rules and I'm trying to be sorry. I will never feed a bear or deer. We have talked with Dora and she seems to have had a pleasant birthday and tee-heed about her teapot of roses so I guess that means she liked them. I'm happy she'll be going home with Barb. The change will be good for her. Jigger has had two long days alone but really seems content. No mistakes either day, and her appetite is good, she's even eating dry food. We'll be in Santa Clara tomorrow around noon. It will be good to see those guys.
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