Monday, July 10, 2006
Santa Clara, California
Happy Birthday, Kathy. Great visit with Tracy et al. We went to Los Altos to meet T's
friend Nola for lunch. Nice girl, good shoes. I met a new BLT, too. BLTA-that's with avocado. Very edible, worth another try. One evening, we drove to Los Gatos for steak at a place called California Café. Great dinner, great company but poor Daniel got a nose bleed and was not able
to browse Barnes and Nobles as much as he would have liked. We went to a “stately home” with beautiful gardens on Father's Day. I really liked that. That night, we had Fred steak and fixings, always nice. Daniel and I drew together quite a bit. He's a very imaginative boy. Also a fine tree climber. I got to go to the library with Tracy and Daniel and we went to his school and saw the big aquarium project the kids put together. A lot of work. We enjoyed being with the kids and our visit passed very quickly. We pulled away from Tracy's at 6AM heading north. We took Daniel with us. Tracy will join us tonight or tomorrow. The chick still can't be far from under her wing. It will be fun to have them both with us when we explore Crater Lake. We had a good trip up. It got a bit long for Daniel, especially when we were turned back at the park entrance. Seems the campground is not open yet due to-----snow! There is still quite a lot up there. So we are in Fort Klamath tonight. A lovely mountain glade with all kinds of thing to interest a kid, a log cabin a teepee, several pretty bridges, a stream, canoes, swings, slides and horseshoe pits. There are also mosquitoes the size of eagles but we're ignoring them. We had spaghetti for dinner and all ate well. Daniel is watching Nanny McPhee and I'm going to join. Jigger is good, paid no attention to Sophie who really wanted to play. Jigger did lose out on some treats as Sophie is more assertive and faster. Okay, movie time. Oh, I forgot, there was a birthday cake for Fred last evening and presents. Fun.
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