Monday, July 10, 2006
Mom and Dad called yesterday for the first time in over a week, I think. Cell coverage is poor so I'm kind of not happy about not knowing where they are and how much fun they're having... at any rate, I had guests over so couldn't chat till this morning and this is what I know so far.

They are now in Tok, Alaska having arrived yesterday. Dad reports about 20 - 22 hours of daylight and that Mom is having difficulty managing sleep in those circumstances.

But first, they left Idaho on Monday, I think. They drove across British Columbia and cut across the southwest corner of the Yukon, passing through Haines Junction and staying in the Kluane National Park.

Its amazing how wild the wildlife is---days and days of not much other than things growing in the ground and animals that live on things that grow in the ground or smaller animals that do...

Mom and Dad report sightings of the following: grizzly and black bears, moose, trumpeter swans, muskox, thinhorn sheep, coyotes and wolves. Of course shih tzu sightings are exceedingly common...

Today they're headed into Fairbanks which will be their destination over next several days; they're getting coiffured and washing laundry today. They'll have a dog sled ride (in the woods because there's no snow), see a couple of museums and hit some coffee shops. Hopefully we'll have a little more contact with them these next couple of days.

Dad is reporting a temperature range of 46 - 70 degrees farenheit. Also reports that in Canada they were paying just about 6 bucks a gallon for gasoline---that some fill-ups have cost $250!!

Hopefully they'll soon be contributing content or at least editing on these posts more frequently because I'm sure they have very exciting things to share...

After Fairbanks, they head to Denali National Park which includes Mt. McKinley. Its about half way to Anchorage where they will also spend several days.
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