Monday, July 10, 2006
Millerton Lake Recreation Area: Fresno, California
We left Omer's yesterday and drove to Millerton Lake State Park, about 25 miles from Fresno. Our trip was pleasant and not too long. This park is very pretty and so is the lake. Lots of bass fishermen here. We are parked near the lake and there are trees all around. There are lots of California ground squirrels around. Funny little creatures who live in burrows like prairie dogs. There are Canada geese and white and blue herons in the lake too. And , loads of cottontails. We got moving fairly early this morning and drove to Yosemite. Beautiful drive up into the mountains. Lots of wild flowers, especially some white trumpet shaped flowers I haven't identified yet. The park is not as organized as other parks we have visited but it is certainly. beautiful. All the adjectives have already been used up about the trees but they are magnificent. You can just feel their age, like weight around them. The Western dogwood is in bloom and lovely. We saw mule deer and Stellar's jays. The birds are bold as brass and came up close so we got a very good look at them. Very chirky. The only problem today, was that it was cold. It was cool when we started out but since it had been about 80 yesterday, we wore shorts and only to light jackets. Mistake. We were lucky there was only light rain as we drove up and not while we were taking the tram ride. It was just cloudy and windy. Some nice tourists loaned us their poncho to cover our legs with. It did help. We had lunch at the Wawona Hotel. A good wrap and hot chocolate the warmed us up considerably. The sun came out to stay while we were driving back to the lake and the wind died down. It's about 70 degrees now and very pleasant. Tomorrow, we will go to Sequoia and King's canyon. I don't know what to expect there, but something beautiful, I bet.
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