Monday, July 10, 2006
Haines Junction: Kluane National Park (Canada)
Haines Junction,Yukon Territory. 68 degrees. It was light when I woke shortly after 6am and it is barely dusk now, at 11PM. It was cool and drizzly all day. We got to White Horse at around 3PM. We walked to the post-office where 1st class stamps cost 89 cents Canadian. The post-office is in the mall and there is a coffee bar in the same shop, so that is some consolation. After an espresso, we walked to a museum that I liked very much. White Horse is about 20,000 souls and appears to be doing some up-grades. Plenty of petunias. Plenty of public drunkeness, too. Here in the far North, I notice that we hear no cicadas or frogs and few to no crickets. The nights are very quiet. We see few birds, mostly ravens and seagulls, a few sparrows and some blackbirds with flashes of yellow that I haven't been able to ID. We don't see any small critters to speak of either. Today, though, we did see a red fox and a young moose. Cool. We were on the road 12 hours again. It's making me pretty tired and bitchy. I knew there'd be lots of driving but I really hoped it would be more relaxed. I blame the push to too much time spent visiting and on plain old gotta get there gotta get there. Hurry up, lets go! Anyway, tomorrows another day and I'll try harder. Dinner was late because of malfunctioning electronics. Yet more of our fabulous luck with 21st century machines. We are almost never able to send Email. Tonight, Fred was able to receive messages. Back to dinner, it was good, meatloaf. The last of the things I cooked and froze at home. I haven't mentioned that it costs $.95 to buy a Canadian dollar. Jigger is being queeny on the leash. Insists on going where she wants to go and resists coming back in. I think she may be reacting to the long days, too.
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