Monday, July 10, 2006
Fort Nelson: The Northern Rockies
Happy Anniversary. A little shorter day. Left Chenwynd at usual time, stopped in Ft Nelson around 7PM. The temperature stayed mid-60s, it was gray and rainy most of the day. From mid-morning, we saw and smelled smoke, but never heard where it came from. There have been some forest fires in the area due to a very dry spring. We saw a fox with a white ring around his tail and a huge black bear crossing the road. I think that the flowers I like are not lupines but fireweed. I took some pix and hope to ID the flowers that way-I can see more detail when we're not going 60mi/hr. I was really disappointed not to stop in Dawson Creek, Fred changed his plan. The RV park was not beautiful, there was good water, though. We went out for a good steak in honor of the day. I know I'm in Canada, ay?--dudes in toques all over.
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