Monday, July 10, 2006

Flagstaff, Arizona
Happy Memorial Day. Fred watched the races yesterday and won the Nascar pool. This morning we got a reasonable start and drove to Flagstaff. Climbing all the way. This country is so varied. Landscape, plants , animals and food. Not to mention people. It was a beautiful drive. We stopped at a scenic lookout in the Coconino Forest. I don't remember the name of the mountain range, part of the Rockies I suppose. The elevation here in Flagstaff is just under 7,000 ft. Alpine in character. Cool and breezy. Our campground is rustic and pleasant. When we were settled, we drove down to Sedona which has really grown since our first visit. Gorgeous red rock formations, beautiful vistas and a rocky stream. Lots of people out enjoying the day. Sedona still has lots of lovely Indian and local art, and now has plenty of tourist junk. Fred got himself a Navajo money clip and bracelet, Very nice. I neglected to mention that on our way today, we visited a huge meteor crater. It is the first ever proven meteor crater ever. Not the largest but very big and deep. Interesting. Tomorrow we will take the truck to be fixed. I really hope its something simple and inexpensive. With luck, we'll be able to take our train ride to Grand Canyon on Wed. We are taking the observation car-cool. We will take an auto coach tour of the canyon rim. For now, I'd better see to my swiss steak. Jigger actually ate the treat I bought her at the doggie bakery! I am wrong she only moved it after she cussed it out and beat it up. In Holbrook we saw a Western Tanager and a Lesser Goldfinch. Going to the crater, we saw a lone Prong horn (we had seen several near the petrified forest) and on the way out we saw a doe with a young fawn, probably not much more than 2 feet high. Lovely.
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