Monday, July 10, 2006
British Columbia/Yukon Territory
The rest of Sunday was very nice. There was another barbeque at Jodi's. Same menu, same crowd wirh extras. I got the laundry done and we had a quiet evening. It rained We last saw the 40 years ago and who knows if we'll ever be together again? We drove 14 hours today. Mountainous roads and very hot. The consolation was that Northern Washington and Southern British Columbia are beautiful. Mountains, of course, and lovely green valleys full of all sorts of fruit trees. Branches loaded with scarlet cherries and rosy apples and green pears. The orchards are neat and manicured. Vineyards have roses at the end of each row. Most of the valleys have a river or stream splashing through and in a couple, cool blue lakes. They are lovely, reflecting the mountains all around. We stopped about 10pm in a camp ground with no potable water, so it's the old basin bath tomorrow, got to save the H2O for coffee. Jigger seems happy to be back on the road. Playing with the kibble and fussing with her cookies.
Observations and other stuff; Beer ad; Perfect for our Canadian seasons--
Winter and July.
Dream; Hummingbirds are hovering around my head, sipping from my ears. It tickles and I raise my hands to pull them away. Iridescent blue and green dragonflies fly out of my ears. What does it mean?
I think; 2006 must be a bumper year for petunias. Everywhere we go, they are luxuriant, huge masses of color.
I saw; Freshly painted white frame house with a new green tin roof. It had a wrap-around pourch with hanging baskets full of pink and puple petunias at each post.;
I remember; Sedona-brilliant blue sky with wispy white clouds over surreal red rock formations. Dark green firs and pine trees clinging to slopes leading down to the stony banks of the river.
Crowds of brown skinned people splashing in the rushing water along the flat ledges looking like the children on one of those story teller figures.
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