Monday, July 10, 2006

Alaska, Baby! The 49th state! (Est. 1959 I like Ike)
Tok, Alaska Jeans and sweat shirt weather again today. Temp 56F this morning at 6:30. We had a couple of hours of sunshine and then, drizzling rain for the rest of the ride. Only made about 300 miles. We know the meaning of washboard roads now. I've been thinking that we always knew this trip could be long and rough, but we didn't really know it. So, O'[ve just got to lighten up and go with it. Trees and mountains, lakes and streams are what we saw today. No exotic wild life until this afternoon when we saw two trumpeter swans. Lovely. There really isn't much traffic on the road. You can go 15 minutes or more without passing another vehicle. 50% of what you do pass are RVs or campers of some kind. There are a fair amount of people traveling by motorcycle. I know for sure that I will never do any long distance riding with Fred on one of those things. Sorry about that dream. This is a very pleasant park. There are wide aisles of trees between the sites. It really seems like camping in the woods. Just now, all I see are birch and fir trees and all I hear is the rain beating on the roof. Fred is napping and then we'll go to the lodge for supper. There is beef stew or reindeer chili. I'll have stew. For afters, there is pie and coffee. Then, if the rain stops, there will be a pancake toss. What more could you ask?
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