Monday, July 10, 2006
Alabama's Gulf Coast
Bellingrath Gardens are lovely. We were too late for the azelias but the roses are blooming and ther are loads of annuals, perineals and tropicals. The are fountains and benches and small theme gardens too. The house is a georgeous Mediterainean Villa, garden style which means plenty of windows with veiws of the grounds. Plenty of lovely swag too. The house faces a river, the name escapes me. We took a short ride down the river and learned about the estuary and flora and fauna. It was very hot and we were pretty tired when we got back to the RV. Had a sketchy supper and drug Jigger around for her walk. While we were out Jigger evidentally tried to escape and wrecked a blind. Her feet aren't sore and the blind is replaceable so no harm done.
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