Monday, July 10, 2006
We rolled out of Ft. Nelson at 7:30 this morning. The clouds were sitting low on the mountains and about an hour out, we had to pull over because the visibility was so poor. Talk about having your head in the clouds. The sun was in and out all day but no rain until 4 or so. Just steady gray rain. All along the way, we have had views of rivers, lakes and streams. The river du jour was pale aqua, owing to the white stone that it is lined with. A type of limestone, maybe. The river was very rapid and beautiful. For a long way, we drove along the shore of Lake Muncho. The lake is large and long, it nearly fills the valley. The shore is white and rocky and the mountains rise straight up all covered with firs in the West and very bare to the East. The detail that makes the scene so unique and striking is that the lake is swimming pool blue. Beautiful, to coin a phrase. I got some nice shots of wild flowers today, notably, wild rose. They grow thick in some places, even on the steep rocky slopes, Grand. We saw; a grizzly bear- not as big as the black bear yesterday but impressive, long horn sheep with kids, caribou-ugly. We saw about a dozen horses on the highway and grazing on the shoulder. No people or houses for miles. We haven't read or heard any thing about wild horses so can't explain them. Fred reports sighting a wolf and a buffalo, naturally while I was nodding. There were signs cautioning about buffalo, seems there is a large free ranging herd in the area, but I still think Fred is just looking for ways to wake me. We arrived in Lake Watson at 5PM and pulled into a large bare parking lot with hook-ups, they call it a park. No frills camping. We are in the Yukon Territory now. Lake Watson is a town where thousands of people tack up signs with their home town names and or their own. Some leave license plates or even business signs. There is about a 2 square block area that's a forest of tall posts with signs. I'm not sure if it is funny or spooky, sort of like Indian spirit grounds. We went to the Aurora Borealis cinema here. Good star show and lovely video of the Northern lights. I'm still not sure I understand the phenomena, something to do with magnetism at the poles. We ate breakfast for dinner and now man and his best friend are sleeping. Jigger has been a model dog the last few days.
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