Monday, July 10, 2006
Happy Fourth of July. Another long, hot, hilly day. The mountains were higher, forests denser and valleys narrower. The country was less populated, too. We skirted Prince George which seems to be a large city, and a pretty small town, both places festooned with petunias. The roadsides are loaded with wild flowers. I especially like the alpine buckwheat that is often mixed with red violet lupines, the buckwheat is a flower that looks like Queen Anne's Lace. There are also lots of daisy like flowers, some yellow and some white. Late this afternoon, I started to see a showy cream colored flower that I can't find in my guides. Not much on the wildlife scene. Fred says he saw a bear while I was napping. I don't know, though, I think he is just jealous because I can nap, so he makes up things to keep me alert. We left Kamloops BC at 9AM and parked outside of Chenwynd around 9PM. Too long a day. It made me grouchy. We ate chili at 11. Fred is in bed and I will be soon. Tomorrow we will stop to see Dawson's Creek, then we head for Fort Nelson. That will be our last stop in BC, we will cross into the Yukon Territory on Thursday and start up the AlCan. For the record, at Don and Betty's we saw 4 or 5 colors of columbines, Indian paint brush, yarrow, foxglove-and petunias. They have feeders and we saw siskins, nuthatches, juncos, squirrels and chipmunks. Thus ends Independence Day
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