Monday, July 10, 2006
The guys had a good fishing trip to blur Lake. Caught 20 bass and had some laughs. Next day, they went to Bloom Lake for trout. Fred's first time fly fishing. They used those wader float things, Don's had a leak. I think they had fun and caught several Trout, Speckled, maybe.
Jigger looks pretty good. We can see her eyes again. She doesn't like riding in Betty's car an more than she likes riding in ours. The local museum is pretty nice. Lots of logging stuff and a collection of dolls in inaugural gowns of the first ladies. I think some local stitchers must have
made them. We didn't get to do much exploring as betty's back was bothering her. Too bad for both of us. We do do lots of visiting and that was good. We went to the fair grounds yesterday and watched Jody's equestrian drill team perform. That was new to us. Must be fun for the riders but I don't know how much the horses like it. Jody has three horses, I think, and Don has one for hunting. He says he doesn't really do that kind of hunting much anymore. He has a touch of emphysema and tires easily. After the horse show, we ate a burger and went to the senior center where Don plays on Saturday afternoons. There were three pickers and Don and the lead guy sing. They are not bad. Don has a nice voice. The crowd was small, probably because it's a holiday week-end and the high point of vacation time. Everyone seemed to have a good and danced a lot. The men are out-numbered, of course, but they did their duty and all of the single women got to dance. We met some nice folks and even dance once ourselves-Silver Wings. We came home and ate barbeque with Jody and her husband and their friends, Connie and Dale. Also attending were their seven dogs. Jigger was able to pretend none of them were there. This morning, Don and Betty have gone to Church. It is a Cowboy Church and I probably should have gone just for the experience, but I decided to stay here and do laundry. So, I'd better do that because I need to be ready to go out to lunch when they get home. We are having a very nice time and it is so peaceful here. At night, it is very quiet, only a few crickets and you can hear train whistles a long way off, sounds like the old days in Indy.
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