Monday, July 10, 2006
If the last 2 days have not (and I'm not sure) turned me into the wicked b---witch of the West, then I am truly a saint. Let me tell you. We were up early yesterday to drive thirty or so miles, in the wrong direction looking for an RV service center. I followed Fred in the truck. People in Vegas leave freeway lane changes 'til the last possible second, Must be a gambler's tactic. Anyway, we finally recognized that we would soon be in California and turned around. Clever Fred eluded his tail (me) and found the RV center. Meanwhile, I'm cruising a strange road looking for a service center whose name I don't know. Great. Then, I had a terrific idea,
I'll call Fred. Imagine how relieved was to hear his cell phone ringing--beside me in the truck. Special. I had decided I'd just have to run the road stopping at every RV related business 'til I found him when he remembered he could call me and did so. I drove to the repair center, parked blocks away, hiked back and wandered thru an acres deep lot of giant vehicles to find my spouse and pup already started on a day long wait to find out if our RV could be repaired in a days time. Turned out, it couldn't. But nobody could tell us that until 4:30. So now, we need a room. No problem in a town like Vegas,huh? Except we're traveling with a dog and no one seems to want her. Boarding is a possibility but most are closed for the day or booked. One, with space left was more pricey than the hotels. We were just about to try to smuggle Jigger in, in my activity bag when somebody told us Best Western accepts pets and we took a room near Nellis. Not fancy but clean. So there we were. Uneventful evening. I bathed Jig with complimentary shampoo and thin towels (outdoor dogs do get dusty}. We walked to dinner and had pretty fair ribs and so endth the day. We had to reschedule our appointment this AM because there was still no cool place for the Jig. I couldn't find an open tattoo parlor or sketch book so we went back to the RV joint and wonder of wonders, it was only an hour 'til they told us the work was done. Then, it only took another hour to pay them. I think they had a new girl on the abacus. We drove on back to the base without incident, Fred couldn't shake me. We set up camp. pFil was only semi poached
And revived with some fresh air and a few pellets. I want to put an ice cube into his bowl but Fred says it's a bad idea. We went to the pharmacy on base and they would have been pleased to refill my Metrogel if I wouldn't mind waiting a minimum of three days. Then we went to the .commissary where finding some items I had been looking for including my new sketch pad and a double scoop of Baskins and Robbins consoled me somewhat. The BX and Commissary here are state of the art. Home again, home again for a dinner of tacos I'm sure to approve of and XM radio (poor TV reception here) and Stephen King 'til bedtime.
Additional 6/6 While we were hostages in the RV center, we did meet several nice couples. There was a retired British sea captain and his Finish wife, Rog and Kristiana. They are came to the US to buy an RV, tour the country for 6 mos., then ship the vehicle back to the south of France where they hope to retire. The other couples were very nice. All long time RVers with good stories to tell so our time was not entirely wasted.
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