Monday, July 10, 2006

On Weds., we went into Vegas for our promo tour of a time share. We only went for the free tickets to see the Platters, Coasters and Drifters. We had absolutely no interest in a time share. Six hours later, we are the owners of a Vegas property 1 week a year. It is super luxurious, very tradable and there is a great points system. Best of all, since it's a deeded property, it deductible. That was our day. We had a qujick drink with the salesman who was very interesting, a musician-plays piano and harp. Then we had to hurry back to Nellis so we could change and get back to the Sahara for dinner and the shown. Dinner was very nice and we were satisfied. The show was tremendous. High energy and lots of good old doo wop. The girl singer with the platters has a fabulous voice, big and rich. Great evening. We had a little rain early in the afternoon and that really cooled us down. There was thunder and lightening during the night but no rain to speak of. The temp stayed down and we slept very well with the windows open. We left Nellis early and arrived in Hesperia, Ca. early afternoon. It's good to see Omer and Donna. Omer made dinner and we mostly talked story 'til bedtime. Friday we drove to L.A., and Hollywood, We went to Grauman's Chinese and looked a the famous footprints. I saw the Hollywood sign, briefly, and Debbie Reynolds house among other beautiful homes. In Hollywood, I bought my Swarofski fish and Bare Minerals- good swag. Then, we drove to Venice beach for some major people watching and gook view of the Pacific. I got my tattoo recolored too. I am pleased. We went to a fifties style restaurant for burgers at lunch and a huge sort of food casino for dinner. Very pleasant day. Saturday, we had a slow morning with biscuits and gravy and lots of coffee the we got in the car, and drove to Joshua Tree National Park. Lots and lots of Joshua trees with mountains in the background. Some of the trees have really fantastic shapes. Good
Cactus display, well labled. From their we drove to Palm Springs. Beautiful green town in the middle of the desert. Along the way, we saw Roy Roger's house. Sad to think he's gone. They've moved his museum to Branson. We drove thru Palm Springs to San Jacinto Mountain where we took the rotating cable car up to the peak, 8500 ft. It was not as spooky as I had imagined and an impressive sight up top. Jim Beam helped me get back on for the descent which was also not horrible. Everyone else loved it. We went to san Bernardino and had dinner at a place called Mimi's. Charming little French cottage kind of place and good food, too. Today, I think we're jus t going to hang out. It's Nascar day. Jigger is doing well. Not actively ignoring Donna's poodle, Selma any more. She keeps a respectful manner with Syrus the Roty.
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