Monday, July 10, 2006
Woke up at a reasonable hour, drank coffee, showered and went to the golf club for SOS
on toast. Breakfast was tasty. After that, we went down to Fremont street, bought junque and visited the Four Queens and other casinos. I played a little poker, lost my limit fast. Fred played too, and came out ahead. Then, we drove down the strip to Caesar's Palace. Took a long walk thru the Forum Shops and tried to see the statues move, as far as we could tell, the never did. When we got tired of feeling poor, we went into the casino and Fred played some more poker. I hung around the bar and watched people. The people watching in Las Vegas is exceptional. We called it a day and headed home, watching for Boulder Ave. along the way. That is where we have to go to have the brakes checked. We will go back to the strip on Tues. if not before. We signed up to listen to a time share promotion in exchange for free tickets to see the Platters, Coasters and Drifters. I doubt we'll but a time share. The temperature was 107 at 6PM. How did people tolerate this climate years ago? Jigger had been a very good doggie and was so happy to see us. I don't think she cares much for this camp there's gravel everywhere. We do see mountains all around and the sky is big and blue.
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