Monday, July 10, 2006
This morning while we were having coffee, we watched a mountain lion walk around the back of the camp ground. He might have weighed 40 lbs. and was kind of buffy tan. He wasn't particularly furtive, just strolling around looking for tidbits or a Jigger sized dog. Neat. The train ride to the canyon was lovely. Comfy car, good service provided by a cute Navajo girl. Spicy Bloody Marys and a friendly bunch of passengers. Before we boarded, there was a silly Western show that we enjoyed. On the train there was a costumed fiddler who was funny too. Once at the South Rim, we got on the bus. Our first stop was for the buffet. The food was so so but we were hungry and did okay. Our driver was friendly and knowledgeable. We learned that the canyon staff and park rangers make up a community of several thousand and most live there year round. There is a school of 350 students from K-12. I think that could be a great place to grow up. The canyon, of course, was beautiful and truly awe inspiring. It made me wish I were braver so I could ride a mule to the bottom and run the rapids in a raft. They are world class rapids you know. I just wanted to see it all and from all angles. The ride back on the train was just as pleasant as the morning trip. There was a Navajo singer/guitar player, complimentary champagne and a train robbery. We sat up in the observation car for a while, too. Lovely, lovely day. We'll head to Zion National Park tomorrow. Fred says it's about 300 mi. Jigger had a long day alone. She was happy to see us.
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