Monday, July 10, 2006
Fred was up and out early to be at the garage when it opened. Jigger and I took the morning off. I was up Just noodllng around and nodding over my coffee. Jigger went back to bed after her AM constitutional and stayed there 'til I went in to make the bed around 10:30 and was not very happy about that. Fred was back before noon. Hallelujah! The brake assist works and it didn't cost an arm and leg. It was beautiful this AM, about 38 degrees. It warmed right up and was around 80 by mid-day. I love these mountains and tall pines. We drove to the mall and I got my nails done por fin. I feel ever so much better. I made a search and spend foray into Penney/s to replace my raggy purse, then we went to Flagstaff Pioneer Museum. It is a nice little local museum. It was originally a hospital so there were some really scary looking medical instruments as well as Western gear and, naturally, mementos of early days in Flagstaff. There is also a great locomotive and caboose--Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe. Sounds like a song, huh? We got back in time for a snooze before supper. Fred grilled a steak and I did salad and spuds. Kathy called and we caught up on tricks. Tomorrow is our nice train trip to the canyon. Can't wait. There are a couple of other things I wouldn't mind seeing but I don't know if we'll stay another day. Jigger had a Little GI upset this afternoon but she doesn't seem ill so I guess we'll just watch. I put out seed today but did not lure in any birds. Mostly I see Ravens and Sparrows around the campground. And, some strange old ducks.
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